Tips for Making a Cosy Reading Corner

If there’s one adjective we all aim for with reading corners it’s ‘cosy’. Imagine curling up in a soft and snuggly, private space ready to get lost in a story. It’s enough to even make teachers and TAs start eyeing up the reading corner. 

Check the links below for ideas on creating a reading corner your students will love to spend time in. Read on to find five of our top tips on making your reading corner extra cosy.

1. Create Low Lighting

Low lighting is conducive to a calm and cosy atmosphere. Make sure to choose a spot in the classroom that has sufficient shade for your reading corner so it is not too bright. Be sure that the kids have adequate light to read, though. 

Creating a low ceiling with a reading corner canopy will help to shade your reading corner while also giving the space a smaller, more private feel. Use soft lighting to create warmth in different shades. This can be achieved with a colour changing Magic Light Table which comes with a remote control to choose from a selection of colours, or a smaller Sensory Colour-Changing Light Sphere.

Another creative way to add soft, twinkly lighting to a reading corner is with a Fibre Optic Lamp which gives off a fairytale-like glow.

2. Add Soft Furnishings

Filling a reading corner with soft cushions, blankets, and cosy seating options will help your students to cuddle up and feel super cosy when they use the space for quiet reading time or group storytime. 

We recommend a mixture of different seating options in your reading corner so that kids can choose what suits them the best. For example, you could use a mixture of small Back to Nature Story Cushions, more substantial Support Seats, and versatile Floor Bean Bag Cushions.

Furnishing your reading corner properly is of paramount importance to make sure your students and safe and happy in the space. Check our articles for guidance on what to do.

3. Quiet Time or Ambient Music

Getting lost in your imagination is difficult if there are lots of people chatting around you. Make it a rule that everyone who goes into the reading corner has to stay quiet and keep the space calm and relaxed. 

You might even like to play some soothing music quietly in the reading corner or play something throughout the whole classroom when you’re having a quiet reading session altogether. If your reading corner is themed, finding some gentle sound effects can add to the immersive experience. A forest-themed reading corner? How about gentle forest birdsong. 

4. Snacks


Most of us imagine curling up with a cuppa when we want to get cosy with a book. How about adding to the experience for your students with some healthy snacks and treats. When it's time for reading or circle time.

You could either hand out special reading time treats or time your reading corner activities with the usual snack time and let your students eat snacks brought from home. 

5. Set the Scene

A little bit of creativity goes a long way when it comes to kitting out your reading corner. Setting the scene with furnishings, wall displays, and decorations to match can all help to make the space engaging and enchanting. 

We recommend choosing a strong theme and then planning out your reading corner based on that. Choosing reading corner rugs and furniture that can be easily adapted will help when you plan to have a makeover. Use craft supplies to DIY your reading corner into a portal to an imaginary place: a fairytale castle, an undersea cave, a dappled forest glen, a spacecraft, you name it!

For more ideas on how to create a unique and compelling reading corner display, take a look at our articles

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