Reading Corner Display Printables: What You Need and Where to Find Them

Putting together your own reading corner display is a fantastic activity for the creative-minded. Getting your students involved makes the whole experience even more valuable as the children learn more about making unique displays on the wall and the importance of working together to make something look. 

But we all know how little time hard-working teachers really have. Sometimes, you need to rely on printable assets you can stick up on the walls that look fab, take a few minutes to put up, and don’t cost the world. 

Here, we’ll give you some ideas and resources for reading corner display printables.

Rewards and Motivation

It is important to use rewards and prizes to motivate kids to continue on their reading journey. Small actions like these help them recognise and feel proud of their achievements and keep track of their progress.

Creative Certificates is a website where teachers can download and print free, customisable certificates for students. Pick a template and use it to create your own unique certificates, adding in your school’s name, student’s name, and the reason for the award. Go beyond certificates for achievements like good reading aloud and perfect spelling and come up with some fun ones too, like ‘best at doing the voices’.

We stock a wide range of reward and motivation stickers, charts, and posters for teachers to use in classroom activities. Here are some of our favourites for reading corners:

Reading Charts

Similar to rewards and motivation, reading charts are designed to help kids keep on track with their reading progress. Put up a reading chart in your reading corner and explain that each student has their own space on the chart where they can track what they’ve read and the goals they’re planning to reach. 

Keeping a reading chart like this helps the children stay engaged with reading tasks as they can see their progress throughout the term and year. Though, it’s important to be sensitive to the fact that kids learn reading skills at different speeds and comparing their learning speed to others shouldn’t be encouraged. 

For teachers who need printable charts, Free Printable Behavioural Charts is a website that offers a lot of choices with different designs for each child to use and keep hold of. Each chart can be downloaded as a PDF and printed out.

For an easier option, our A3 Classroom Chart comes complete with star stickers to help record progress. Put this chart up in your reading corner to remind students that they can add a new sticker when they complete their next book.

Look through our reading corner display articles for tips, tricks, and ideas to decorate your space creatively.

Book Posters

Book posters are a teacher's friend in the reading corner. Professional cover art is designed to entice kids to crack open the book and start reading. So, plastering your walls with this artwork is a great way to show them what there is to get excited about in your reading corner.

One of our favourite places to find free book posters is Hachette Schools. Download free posters for popular kids' books here as PDFs. Each design is in full colour and comes in high resolutions fit for A3. 

We cover five excellent places to find free reading corner posters online in our blog. 

Reading Corner Banners

A big vibrant reading corner banner helps compartmentalise the reading area and lets everyone know where to go for a bit of quiet reading time. We’ve got many resources, whether you want to make your own reading corner banner, choose the best reading corner lettering set, or find a free printable reading corner banner online

A standard paper letter set is a great place to start if you want to create a custom reading corner banner using plain templates. We also offer more unusual letter sets like glitter and mirror varieties.

It’s easy and fun to create your own reading corner banner, especially if the class is involved. Use some coloured mounting paper to cut out letter shapes and use a variety of craft materials to decorate them. 

Using a range of different textures and colours is an excellent exercise for students of all ages to try out different methods of crafting and mark-making without too much pressure to produce a whole image or design. Or you could use it as an opportunity to demonstrate a new artistic technique for the class to practice. 

A good reading corner isn’t just about what goes on the walls. Children must have access to furnishing that helps them comfortably read, listen to spoken word, or engage in reading corner activities. Make sure your reading corner seating, and other reading area furniture, is instrumental in your reading corner goals.

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