Make or Download a Printable Reading Corner Display Banner

Whether it’s the first or last thing on your to-do list, a banner is the one element that completes your reading corner. Find links for where to download free reading corner banners or ideas on making your own in this article.

A banner isn’t the only piece of decoration your reading corner will need. If you expect your students to get excited about sitting quietly and reading, you should craft the space to tap into their young imaginations.

Our blog should be your first stop if you’re coming up short on ideas for the classroom reading area. Follow the links below to find cheap and cost-effective DIY ideas and recommended resources for downloadable and printable assets.

Download a Free Reading Corner Banner


1. Instant Display

It’s not the first time Instant Display has made it onto one of our lists, but their selection of free school banners is excellent. Browse the website by subject to find pre-designed banners for virtually any topic; the range is enormous. Instant Display also offers printable letter sets to help teachers create custom banners saying whatever they want.

On the link above, find lettering with photo designs of food, animals, plants, weather, scenes from different parts of the world, art, flags, and more. There’s so much choice you’re guaranteed to find a design to complement your reading corner—or you could mix and match. Each set comes in capitals, lower case, cursive and numbers and can be downloaded as a Word document or PDF. 

2. Papertrail Design

If you’re planning on designing your own letters and it’s a banner template you’re looking for, Papertrail Design has a good selection of bunting templates. Follow the link to choose from 12 bunting designs in different shapes and styles.

Download a style for free and print off the blank elements to hand draw or paint your letters, or open them in photoshop or paint to customise them digitally. If you’re not a great hand at Photoshop, that brings us to number three…

3. Canva



Canva is a highly versatile website for making your own posters, banners, social media images, flyers, invitations, and virtually anything that needs to be visually designed. Canva is made to be super easy to use; just drag and drop elements like text, icons, photos, and even animations onto your template. 

Upload your empty bunting templates to Canva, or create a printable banner using one of their many banner templates

4. World of Printables

World of Printables offers a range of pre-made letter bunting on the link above for the busiest teachers who just need a printed letter banner fast. Choose from different designs like flowers, tartan, block colours, wood effects, leaves, stripes, waves—the list goes on. 

Each design comes in high-resolution full colour. Selecting the individual letters you need means you can even mix and match different designs together. Download and print them straight from your computer. 

Make a Reading Corner Banner

If you prefer to go down the more creative route and make a unique reading corner banner, you can. We offer a wide range of craft supplies that make decorating your reading corner display easy. Use some paper letters as your base and customise them with:

Reading Corner Banner Idea: Hand out individual paper letters to each student in your class and task them with customising them. The banner will be the pride of your classroom as each student can see their contribution to the display. Give the kids a theme to work with, such as ‘my favourite book’, or let them freestyle and develop their own design by exploring the craft materials you supply.

This activity is a great way to encourage children to test out new mark-making and ways of manipulating crafts. Plus, it’s easily adaptable to EYFS, KS1, or KS2 reading corner activities. 

Every reading corner needs to be carefully put together to encourage students to come and spend time reading and enjoying books. Check our reading corner furniture articles for ideas on making your reading corner comfy, cosy, and conducive to concentration.

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