Our Top 7 Reading Corner Display Lettering Sets

A big, clear reading corner sign will point all your students in the right direction for some quiet time and help them escape into a magical story. Signposting your reading corner is useful for lots of different reasons. It helps the children to categorise different parts of the classroom (in this corner you keep quiet so as not to disturb others), helps them reinforce literacy skills, and gives them some ownership over the space (especially if you let them help you put up the sign).

We’ve gathered together our top seven reading corner letter sets, all available to order here, to make signposting your reading corner, or making your reading corner banner super easy. 

1. Standard Paper Display Letters


At number one, it’s got to be our standard staple: multicoloured paper letters. The design of this letter set is simple enough that it won’t overpower any creative design ideas you’ve been working hard on while also making your display look professional. 

These pre-punched display letters are easy to read and even easier to use. Our pack comes in an assortment of 250 coloured letters with extra vowels. With so many to choose from, you could use these to put up an inspirational reading corner quote. Letters also come in a mixture of two different sizes, 55mm x 50mm and 15mm x 80mm. 

2. Glitter Display Letters


Like our paper display letters, these come in various sizes, but they give some added pizazz to your display with sparkle and shine. The glitter letters are entirely coated on one side with glitter and come in many colours to make your reading corner pop. 

This glitter letter set comes with letters in two sizes: 55mm x 50mm and 15mm x 80mm. Use these to add a little extra to your reading corner or save them for a special occasion like a Christmas display. 

3. Mirror Display Letters


Take your reading corner letter display one step further with these fantastic, double-sided mirror display letters. Made from super reflective acrylic, the 2mm thick letters feature a mirror effect on both sides, making them almost too perfect for any 3D reading corner display ideas you might have.

Dangle mirror letters from the ceiling on see-through thread or wire. They will glint in the light and catch your eye, tempting students to come and explore the reading corner. 

4. Extra Large Mirror Display Letters


If our double-sided mirror letters weren’t bold enough, we also stock them in extra-large size. This set is much bigger than our standard 7mm mirror letters and has a powerful effect on any reading corner display. Take a look through some DIY reading corner ideas to get inspired and use some of these large-scale letters. 

5. Feely Fabric Letters


Get creative and move away from paper letters to try out these soft fabric letters. The tactile letters give kids a great sensory experience when they touch and feel them. While teachers often use these to carry out games and activities that help kids learn about the alphabet through sensory experience, they can easily be incorporated into your reading corner. 

Pin these letters on your reading corner display board for a fun 3D effect. Perhaps you could stand them up against the wall on some of your reading corner furniture and allow the kids to take them down, play with them, and put them back in the correct order.  

6. Alphabet Stampers


These stampers are excellent for teachers who want to get all hands on deck when creating their reading corner display. Give these easy-grip stampers to little ones to let them help you put together a reading corner letter display. Here’re 25 ideas for reading corner display quotes to get you started. 

7. Welcome Bulletin Board Set


One aspect of making yours a cosy reading corner is letting your students know they are always welcome to come and read. We love this reading corner welcome sign with multicoloured letters featuring photos of multicultural children on each letter. 

Super simple, this sign can be put up in an instant and promotes inclusivity in your classroom. 

You can have the best, most exciting reading corner display, but what’s more critical is to ensure your students have everything they need to feel comfortable, safe, and focused in the reading corner. For ideas and supplies to fully furnish your space, check out these articles:

Rainbow Alphabet Carpet

Without a soft and comfy reading corner rug, no reading corner would be complete. If you’re seeking reading corner lettering to help your students learn and retain reading and spelling, this alphabet reading corner rug is ideal. Use it for reinforcing these skills and giving your kids a cuddly surface they’ll be happy to sit on.

We’re not short of ideas for your classroom reading corner beyond just display letters. Read our articles here and get some inspiration for DIY reading corner displays. 

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