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8 Fun, Educational Pre-School Activities

Educational play from an early age is vital for equipping children with the skills that they will carry through to the later stages of their education but there is no reason why learning can’t also be fun! Take a look at these fun pre-school activities that also serve an important educational purpose.   

1. Interactive Storytelling

Interactive storytelling is a fun and engaging activity, encouraging young learners to use their imagination while also teaching them the importance of listening skills. To really bring storytelling to life, incorporate puppets and encourage children to use these to act out the story...

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Back to School: 10 Essential Classroom Supplies

With the summer over and the new school year starting it’s an obvious time to think about your essentials for the year ahead, and the essential classroom supplies you’ll need.

If you’re not sure where to start, take a look at our list of 10 essential classroom supplies for some inspiration.

1. Office Essentials
Office essentials are the unsung heroes of classrooms. Throughout the school year you’ll be using supplies like treasury tags, rubber bands, push pins, paper clips, and paper fasteners more times than you’ll care to count so it’s a good idea to stock up on all...

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The Maths Mastery Approach

These engaging, hands-on Maths manipulatives are ideal for teaching numeray through the maths mastery teaching method. The mastery approach to teaching maths involves 3 main elements: fluency, reasoning and problem solving. It allows primary maths skills to be developed gradually through 3 different stages of learning (concrete, pictorial and abstract) as the children's knowledge increases.


When first introduced to an idea or skills, hands-on teaching resources enables the process to be acted out through experience. No matter what the resources are, they can be moved, grouped and rearranged to illustrate the problem.


As a child's experience and confidence grows in Mathematics, they...

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Gonge Floor Surfer® and Cocontraction - Fall Reaction Training

By Physiotherapist Hannah Harboe

The theme of this month’s Gonge Insights is cocontraction and fall reactions and how our senses influence both these functions. We bring a case, in which the FloorSurfer® is used to train both cocontraction and fall reaction.


To keep our balance, it is important that the muscles on both sides of a joint work together. This is called cocontraction. Cocontraction describes how the muscles...

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8 Summer Craft Ideas for Teachers

As the summer holidays are approaching and this year’s teaching is coming to an end, arts and crafts are a fun way to continue learning and development. With a range of craft ideas for inside the classroom and outdoors, you’ll be sure to find one that children will love.

Stained Glass Leaves

Bring summer into the classroom by making some stained glass leaves – perfect for decorating the windows while the sun is shining, to cast the room in a seasonal green glow and really bring the stained glass effect to life.

Paint with Bubbles

Enjoy some messy craft time outside and...

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