10 Reading Corner Rugs Teachers Love

If there’s one essential we can almost guarantee you’ll find in every reading corner, it’s a reading corner rug. Soft and padded, a reading corner rug provides the flooring needed for your students to get comfy on the floor for storytime, circle time, or quiet reading time alone. 

Creating a cosy comfy space that feels safe is imperative if you want to encourage kids into the reading corner and get them to stay there long enough to read a book. But comfy and soft aren’t the only things teachers look for in reading corner furniture. Let’s look at 10 of our favourite reading corner rugs for classroom needs. 

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10 Reading Corner Rugs

Back to Nature Large Corner Rug

Part of the Back to Nature range of fun plant, flower, and insect designs, this Back to Nature rug is the perfect shape to slot into the corner of the classroom. The corner design allows its edges to go right up to the walls for maximum comfort, with a pretty-looking circular fan shape on the opposite side to let it spread out naturally in your reading corner. 

This reading corner mat goes well with the Back to Nature Story Cushions, so your kids can get extra comfy in matching reading corner designs. 

Back to Nature Ladybird Carpet

For those who don’t want to go with any old shape of classroom rug, this Back to Nature Ladybird Carpet comes in a unique ladybird shape. With its vibrant design, shape and colours, it makes an excellent addition to a creative classroom. 

This rug pairs perfectly with the Back to Nature Ladybird Story Cushions, a 13-pack of adorable ladybird cushions that help children learn and reinforce counting skills, as well as lots of other reading corner furniture. The pack comes with 12 smaller cushions for children and one larger one for a teacher. We love this set and rug for reading corners that are nature-inspired.

Decorative Colour Wheel Carpet

A great central piece, this circular reading corner mat is 2 metres across, with plenty of room for all your little ones to get involved with group activities. The gorgeous colour palette design helps children with learning and understanding primary, secondary, and tertiary colours as well as being a beautiful, simplistic design to add to the classroom. This mat makes a great addition to any DIY reading corner.

Under the Sea Corner Carpet

Another of our favourite corner-shaped classroom carpets, this one features a fun underwater design, complete with a range of sea creatures, bubbles, and a shell. If you’re putting together an underwater reading corner (check our DIY reading corner article for some creative starting points), then this is the rug for you. 

The design layout of this rug promotes concentric, amphitheatre-style seating, with a central shell design for the teacher at the corner, making it easy for you to assemble your students for group activities.

Luxury Super Soft Square Carpet

For classrooms that are more unique and creative than any reading corner mat designs, here is a solution. Our plain dark blue reading corner mat is a staple, without any styles of designs to compromise your carefully crafted decor. 

This subtle, neutral, plain-shaded school mat is also a good option for classes with learning disabilities, presenting minimal distractions and setting a cool, calm backdrop for work. 

Under the Sea Double-Sided Carpet

Entertaining and exciting, especially suited to older kids, this Under the Sea Double-Sided Carpet features more realistic underwater designs including sealife and sunken artefacts against a backdrop that almost looks like you could sink into it! 

The best feature of this reading corner rug is its reversible design. Flip it over to enjoy a brighter, more uniform look. A reversible rug is a fantastic option to keep kids excited. You can also flip the rug to distinguish different types of working too. For example, side A: quiet reading alone, side B: a group activity.

Mindfulness Carpet

Effective for classes with additional needs or learning disabilities, the mindfulness rug is designed to promote calm, communication, and mental wellbeing. Made with a cool blue, super soft pile, the rug features the names of different emotions—an excellent non-verbal starting point to broach discussions about feelings. 

Round Folding Mat

We love this unusual but super-adaptable reading corner rug design. For classrooms that need to conserve space, this is a special type of mat that folds into a corner chair via stitched segments. Use the rug flat on the floor, or fold it up to create a neat corner seat that can be slotted into your reading corner or leaned against furniture.

Using multiple folding mats means you can lean them up against each other and create small individual hubs for students to read in or do quiet individual work. This one features a realistic straw design that matches our Hay Bale Bean Bags.

Rainbow Semi-Circle Placement Carpet

We have rugs for reading corners of just about any shape or size, and this one is ideal to run along a straight wall of the classroom. This rug, in a semi-circle shape, fans out beautifully into your classroom with a simplistic, vibrant rainbow design. The 13 individual spots of colour make it easy to organise children into a seating pattern.

Soft Floor Mat Set

If you can’t find just the right size reading corner mat for your needs, this will answer your prayers. This set includes individual tiles that can be slotted together via zig-zag edges. The mat also comes with straight edges that can be added to the perimeter of the rug. 

Made from soft, non-toxic EVA foam, this reading corner mat set is ideal for younger children and super easy to keep clean.  

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Create a Comfy Reading Corner

Complete your reading corner with some soft seating to give it that extra cosy feel and provide support for kids to sit for long periods of time. Here are four of our top recommendations:

  1. 2-Seat Oval Pods: sit two or even three small children on each of these super-soft oval pods, made to last with water-resistant covers. These pods are highly versatile and excellent for group reading or working in pairs. We sell packs of three for £99.99. 
  2. Giant Floor Cushions: little ones can pile onto these giant floor cushions for snuggly story time or even taking an afternoon nap. These giant cushions are ideal for younger kids and nurseries. They are wipeable and easy to keep clean.
  3. Support Seat: for activities sitting up, providing back support is important, helping to keep kids comfy aids in concentration too. These support seats are smartly designed to provide wrap-around support, protecting kids’ backs and necks. 
  4. Bean Bag Reading Chairs: another option for complete spine, back, and neck support is this bean bag chair design. Easy to grab and plop down anywhere in your classroom, they can even be used outside thanks to their waterproof polyester covering. 

Every reading corner needs to be creative, immersive, and imaginative if you expect your students to get excited about reading! We’ve got lots of ideas for how to decorate your reading corner display walls here

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