The Best Places to Find Printable Reading Corner Display Posters

Your classroom reading corner is a quiet and calm (mostly!) place where children can get into activities requiring focus and attention. Why not make the most of this learning opportunity by adorning the walls of your reading corner with a few posters that inspire and educate your students?

Posters give the children visual stimulation to learn and discover, but they can also help decorate your reading corner, making it feel unique and exciting. Here we’ve rounded up five of the top places on the internet teachers can find posters for the classroom reading area that are free to download.

If you’re looking for ideas and inspiration for your reading corner display, take a look at our articles. We’re full of ideas to make your classroom reading area a success!

Top 5 Resources for Free Reading Corner Posters

1. Instant Display

Instant Display is home to a whole library of different posters. Browse the resources by subject and by topic. Each poster comes in full colour and can be easily downloaded as a PDF or word document and printed on standard A4 sheets making it easy to print out and put together at home or school. 

Choose from title posters or individual A4 posters in collections under a certain theme, such as literary genres. Posters feature a mixture of images and text 

2. Activity Village

Activity Village sorts its poster resources by topic, including the alphabet, famous people, and space, as examples. There are also topics for each calendar holiday to help you make unique seasonal displays. The options are diverse, including Christmas, Diwali, and Kwanzaa. There are also instruction posters.

Posters can be downloaded as PDFs and printed out, ready to use on your reading corner walls.

3. Hachette Schools

If you want to inspire your students to read the books on your reading corner shelves, Hachette Schools is a great place to get some ideas (and some posters). Download high-resolution book covers as posters and other book promotional display materials.

This is an excellent way to pique interest in your students and get them excited to read certain books, but you can also take advantage of the brilliant book cover art. Find covers for KS1 and KS2 books on the link. 

4. The Open University

Download free posters from The Open University, with some available to order prints. On this link, teachers can find visually rich, colourful posters created by popular tv shows and organisations, including The Green Planet and Autumnwatch. 

Most of the posters on this link are nature-themed and would go well with a nature-inspired reading corner.

5. Active History

For reading corners with a history theme, Active History is your go-to place for free history posters. Find either single page or multiple page poster packs here covering topics like history quotes and key dates from the 20th century in pictures.

Some posters feature thought-prompting questions and pictures to keep kids thinking about what they’re learning in lessons. All posters are in full colour.

Springboard’s Reading Corner Posters

If you have a little money available in your reading corner budget, you might be thinking of buying some posters and poster packs. While free printable posters are an excellent way to get your walls decorated, professionally printed posters come in vivid colours and high resolution. You also won’t be spending time piecing together an eight-part A4 poster jigsaw after class!

Lots of our classroom posters come as packs with additional display materials. Here are a few we recommend for reading corners.

Literacy Posters


Reinforce learning other languages while students are in the reading corner with Spanish grammar posters and French grammar posters. Take reading time as an opportunity to ask children if they can remember some of the English words they read in other languages.

Posters of Inspiring People



We often talk about inspirational people in the reading corner, whether they’re authors of children’s books or fictional characters that affected people and society. Our posters of inspirational people are designed with a mixture of images and text to help kids absorb information. Some also come with a 16-page teacher's guide to help explore the poster.

Posters about Cultures

If your reading corner acts as a portal to a different culture, past or present, we have excellent poster options. Our collection of culturally focused posters provides a wealth of information and visually stimulating photos, diagrams, and illustrations; some also include supporting visual material for activities and lessons. Here are some of our favourites:

Educational Nature Posters

We offer so much nature-inspired reading area furniture because nature is one of the most popular themes when teachers decorate their reading corners. Our nature reading corner posters are a fantastic way to support your hard work in creating an imaginative space for your students.

Find a wide range of educational nature posters here, some including lots of surplus learning materials:

Woodland, farm-themed furniture, and under-the-sea reading corner rugs will make you a favourite teacher! Check out our articles on furnishing your reading corner so that it’s comfy, cosy, and optimised for concentration.

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