With literacy, numeracy and science at their core, KS1 and KS2 comprise the earliest years in a child’s formal education. These years are absolutely essential for developing strong foundations in problem-solving, as well as exploring a broader curriculum in subjects such as history, geography, music, and different cultures.

Springboard Supplies’ primary teaching resources enhance the mental development process through multisensory learning. Our primary school equipment promotes the curiosity and playfulness that is critical to getting kids stuck in. From interactive learning tools to classroom demonstration kits, our aim is to support early years education through creative learning. 

But academia isn’t all that’s important when it comes to primary school stuff, social interaction, teamwork, and confidence-building need to be developed at this stage too. 

Key Stage 1 Primary School Resources

Key Stage 1 makes up children in years one and two of primary school, who are between five and seven years old. In these formative years, children are grasping reading and writing out full sentences. In maths, concepts like counting and more/less (addition/subtraction) are established. In science subjects, observation, identification, and inquisitiveness are developed. 

Our school supplies for primary school children at KS1 focus on accessibility, patience, and logic enabling a child to explore early cognitive concepts while supporting the continued development of motor skills. 

Key Stage 2 Primary School Supplies

Key Stage 2 is made up of children ages seven to 11, in years three, four, five, and six. These years build on the skills developed in KS1. Children will learn how to express complete ideas clearly through written word. Multiplication and division are tackled in KS2, along with more complicated scientific modules. 

Our range of primary classroom resources for KS2 has been developed with these subjects at its core. Springboard Supplies’ resources encourage children to draw on skills developed in KS1 to solve problems and puzzles and take part in group learning or games.

Primary School Supplies UK

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