Make a Winning Reading Corner Display Banner

So, you’ve finally put the finishing touches to your reading corner. Furnishings, wall decor, lighting, storage, everything looks perfect and you can’t wait to unveil your creation on Monday morning.

Crown your reading corner with the banner it deserves. Here’s how to create a winning Reading Corner Banner.

Supplies to Create a Reading Corner Banners

  • Stapler: Securing things to banners and banners to walls/doors/displays.
  • Blu Tack: easy, quick, reusable sticky material that is safe to give to your students when they help put up a banner.
  • Drawing Pins: secure your banner to a wall display.
  • Sellotape: clear sellotape is highly versatile, use it to stick materials to your banner and attach your banner to other surfaces.
  • Glue gun: great for intricate work and provides a great level of adherence.
  • Stanley knife: good for detailed cutting that can’t be achieved when using scissors, like cutting out letters. 


But, why spend time painting, drawing, or cutting out letters for your banner when you can use pre-cut letters? These letters are quick to use, look professional, and are easy to read (not something you can always guarantee when drawing them free-hand). We stock lots of options when it comes to pre-cut letters, including glitter and mirror letters to catch peoples’ eyes, and multicoloured letters too.

Reading Corner Banner Tips

  • Make your banner stand out
  • Give your reading corner banner a 3D effect by padding the backs of the letters so they stand out from the wall. Use scrunched up tissue paper to set your banner out, or use pipe cleaners wound into spirals to get the same effect. 

  •  Make reading corner bunting
  • One fun way to create a more 3D reading corner banner is to use bunting with a different letter on each triangle. Draping your banner from wall to wall over your reading corner will help to lower the height of the space and make your reading corner cosier. 

  • Create a group acrostic poem
  • Enlist the help you all your students to come up with a reading corner acrostic poem. Assign each student (or group) a letter to come up with a word or sentence under the theme of reading, literature, or any other theme you choose. Display the resulting poem in your reading corner.

  • Set a reading corner naming competition
  • Get kids involved in your new reading corner by organising a naming competition. Have each student submit a special name for the reading corner and then have the class vote on which one they like the most. You could arrange the naming competition before creating the reading corner and base its theme on the name, or vice versa. 

    Resources for Reading Corner Banners

    If you simply don’t have time to create your own reading corner banner, no one will judge you! Here are some great resources to download a free one. 

    1. Twinkl Reading Banners

    Reading corner banners to download for members in various styles with illustrations targeted at children in primary school and early years education. 

    2. Sparklebox Reading Area Signs

    Free PDF downloads for reading corner banners and reading corner signage in various designs. Signs include reminders like ‘take care of the books’. You can also get library labels that help to define book categories such as ‘fiction’ and ‘non-fiction’. 

    3. Instant Display Reading Banners

    A huge selection of reading corner banners along with a selection of other banners, posters, and signs for classrooms and all age groups, all free to download. 

    4. Teachers Pay Teachers Reading Corner Banners

    Posters and banners that are available for a small fee, usually up to $3.00 each. Downloads include banners, posters, bunting, and other graphics for the classroom. 

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