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Decorating your classroom reading corner with inspiring quotes is a fantastic way to get children excited about reading. Whether it’s some advice from a famous author or an iconic line from a favourite book, this powerful prompt can give your kids the little push they need to pick up a book and get stuck in.

We’ve already covered some of our favourite reading corner quotes for classroom space. But in this article, we’ll list some excellent resources where teachers can find free, printable quote designs that can be put up to make any reading corner more magical.

Printable Reading Corner Quotes

Check these websites for inspiring reading corner quotes, all aimed at children about books and reading. All of the resources on these links can be downloaded and printed for free. 

1. Quote Master

A great resource for quotes of any kind, quote master offers a wide selection of reading corner quotes styled up as fun graphics that can be put up on the classroom wall. Choose from a range of different styles, from simple text in caricatured fonts to quotes superimposed over photos and with illustrations. You can even find images of quotes in classroom reading corners as inspiration for your own design. 

2. Pinterest

A source of ideas for all teachers, Pinterest is a great place to scan photos of classroom displays, reading corner setups, ways to organise and store items, and a whole host of teaching ideas. Pinterest is a goldmine for quotes you can put up in the classroom reading corner too.

Here are three excellent boards on Pinterest with reading corner quotes aimed at children:

  1. Quotes for kids' room or reading nook
  2. Reading quotes for kids
  3. Reading Quotes for Kids

3. Rose Clearfield

For something a little different, we love these library card quotes made by Rose Clearfield. Each card is designed to look like an old-school library card and features a unique quote in typewriter font. Free to print for classroom use, these would make a fun reading corner wall display, or you could even print them out small (actual library card size) and keep them in a box in the reading corner for children to look through or take away with them. 

4. Canva

Not necessarily a place for downloading quote posters, Canva is more about creating your own. If you can’t find the right design for your reading corner, you could always have a go at making one. 

Canva is an easy to use website that lets you create basic designs for social media posts, brochures, flyers, business cards, and more. Canva is free to use and offers a selection of templates to work from as well as simple blank documents. Here’s a quote we styled up using one of Canva’s templates.

Decorating Your Reading Corner with Quotes

Putting up your reading corner quotes in a creative and visually stimulating way is almost as important as the quotes themselves. Integrate your reading corner quotes into the decor and displays to make them more eye-catching. Consider these ideas.

  • Use pipe cleaners to make your quote pop out of the wall. 

  • Staple one end of a pipe cleaner to the wall and attach a paper letter to the other, bend and shape the pipe cleaner so the letter sits out, away from the wall. Use pipe cleaners and paper letters to spell out your quote. The pipe cleaners will even make your quote springy, bouncy, and poseable. 


    Have your students help decorate

    Include your students in decorating a quote wall. Position your quote in the centre of a piece of the wall covered in poster paper then let the children decorate the space around it with craft materials. You could provide them with:

    Holographic shapes

    Tissue paper


    Mosaic squares


    Make a montage 

    Print out a selection of your favourite quotes and hand them out to the students. Let everyone decorate their quote how they like and stick them all on the wall as a big inspiring quote montage. Use some coloured printer paper to make the quotes pop in different colours. 

  • Put up a floating reading corner quote

    With some thread, Blu Tack, and paper letters you can easily hang your quote from the ceiling of your reading corner, giving it a touch of magic. This could work especially well if you make the reading corner tree we describe in our article Ideas for Your Classroom Reading Corner Display. 

    Make sure to hang each letter by two pieces of thread so it doesn’t turn around and you end up with back-to-front letters! Any sort of ribbon, thread, or string can be used to hang your letters, but choosing a thin string or clear cord will give the appearance that the letters are actually floating. 


    Themes for Reading Corner Quotes

    You might choose to go down a specific route when searching for the ideal quote. If you’re focusing on a particular topic as a class in English lessons, for example. But there are some go-to topics that are always great ways to find inspiring quotes.

    Favourite Authors

    Get your students excited about reading with some quotes from authors they admire, such as:

    • J. K. Rowling
    • Neil Gaiman
    • David Walliams
    • J. R. R. Tolkein
    • Roald Dahl
    • Julia Donaldson
    • Philip Pullman
    • Spike Milligan

    Beyond authors, there are lots of famous figures whose speeches and sayings give people hope, strength, and inspiration, including:

    • Mahatma Gandhi
    • Deepak Chopra
    • Winston Churchill
    • Alan Watts
    • Nelson Mandela
    • Jane Goodall
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