Animal crafts are always popular with young children as they are fun and hands-on. If you are looking to try some of these colourful crafts with your own class, here are our picks of the top 5.

 1. Paper Engineering


Paper engineering is a fun and engaging way to introduce young children to the concepts of 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional shapes. So not only is this an excellent crafting activity, but it also helps young learners understand important engineering concepts in a fun and creative way.

Using our paper engineering pack, children will learn how to create all sorts of colourful creatures from butterflies and bugs to dinosaurs, and even rockets! 

 2. Animal Puppets


Fun to make and equally fun to use, animal puppets are simple enough to make that even the youngest in your class will be sure to enjoy creating them. You can even create a theme for everyone to follow, like safari animals or perhaps encouraging each student to recreate their favourite animal. 

Packed with enough colourful fleecy blanks, yarns, needles, templates and instructions to create 30 puppets, our animal puppets pack has everything your class could possibly need to create their own hand puppets.


 3. Stained Glass Creatures


This is a magical animal-themed craft to try out with your class, especially now that the sun has finally reappeared, and you will likely be changing your classroom displays ahead of the final term. 

This stained glass creatures pack contains everything your class will need to craft some stunning paper creations with that distinct stained glass look. Each pack comes with 6 designs – fish, butterfly, hedgehog, caterpillar, frog, and seahorse – in 5 copies, so that there is plenty of choice for everyone in the class.


 4. First Sewing Class Pack


Sewing is one of the many crafting activities which support the development of fine motor skills, making this not only fun craft activity but also developmentally important.

Designed to be safe and simple enough for young learners to use, our first sewing class pack is an animal-themed craft kit that will allow children to learn the basic stitching process in the easiest way possible. Alongside child-safe plastic needles, in this pack, you will also find pre-cut felt shapes and chunky yarn for easy threading and sewing. 

 5. Build a Bug Pack


Whether you choose to use it as a craft activity alone or to support a science lesson, this building a bug activity encourages children to think about how different insects look, what colour they are and if they have special characteristics like large wings or plenty of legs.

Our build a bug pack contains all the necessary parts for children to recreate real bugs, or let their imaginations run wild and come up with some comical creations.   

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