Numeracy is one of the essential life skills that all young learners must master as part of development during the early years and primary education.

During Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, the right numeracy resources can make a really big difference to your class, and help them get to grips with some of the more difficult mathematical concepts such as patterns, time, geometry, and the concept of money and currency.

Here at Springboard Supplies, we offer a wide selection of educational resources that can be used to support learners at primary school in improving their numeracy skills.

In our latest blog article, we will talk you through some of the essential numeracy teaching resources and they can each be used to help your class develop their understanding of the subject.

Linking Cubes Set

Linking Cubes Set from Springboard Supplies

Mastering addition and subtraction are vital for every child and linking cubes sets make the concepts easy to understand even for young children thanks to their tactile nature. Using different coloured cubes, children can easily understand the concepts of addition and subtraction.

These versatile packs can even be used for measuring, place value, and pattern recognising, making them an essential resource for every classroom.

Sort it Cards

Sort it Cards for Children

A precursor to working with 3D shapes and understanding their properties, Sort It cards will help your class learn all about different 2D shapes and their properties, through a range of different games.

The pack contains cards covering a range of different shapes which can be used to support matching activities or used as flashcards. Each card also contains additional information about the shape represented including how many sides it has, lines of symmetry, vertices and angles, allowing these cards to be used multiple times throughout the KS1 and KS2 curriculum.

Numeracy Bulk Packs

Bulk packs are an essential resource for any classroom, often covering a wide range of topics and essential areas of the national curriculum. When it comes to numeracy, we offer a range of classroom-sized bulk packs including multi-sensory maths games, rapid recall whiteboards and the popular concept-in-a-pocket packs covering fractions, statistics, and place values.

Time Activity Mat

This durable and colourful mat teaches and reinforces time telling skills in a hands-on way that is particularly beneficial for younger students who still learn best through activities and physically doing things, rather than by listening alone.

To facilitate a range of different activities, the mat comes with two dice – representing hours and minutes – and a time number line, making it a versatile teaching resource.
Time Activity Mat for Children

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