With the end of the summer term quickly approaching, it’s time to start thinking of some fun educational activities and games to wind the year down for your last few lessons.

Here are our top 5 end of term activities to treat your class to on their last day.

1. Memory Books

Memory books or booklets are easy to put together and offer a fun and creative way for students to reflect on everything they have learned in the previous year. All you need to facilitate this activity are some plain workbooks, pens, pencils, and any other resources you want your students to use when filling in their memory books.

You can encourage your class to fill their memory books with what they have learned, self-portraits, favourite memories from the year, and autographs from their fellow students.

2. General Knowledge Quiz

Everyone loves a good quiz, especially when there are prizes are involved! You can use a general knowledge quiz to test your students’ knowledge in a fun way, while your class gets to spend a lesson doing a fun activity.

You can make the quiz as fun or as education as you want, and tailor it to the age range of your class.

3. Insect Hunt

One of the best ways to finish off the term on a fun but education note is by organising an insect hunt outdoors. Children will love the chance to get out of the classroom to explore, adn they will learn some important observational and cataloguing skills in the process.

4. Finger Paint Flowers

With the sun shining and the flowers in full bloom, it only seems fitting to end the term with something that takes inspiration from the outdoors. All you need for this activity are some brightly coloured finger paints and plenty of paper! Students simply use their hands and fingers to create beautiful flowers and plants.

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5. Classroom Bingo

This simple game is a fun way for the entire class to move about and learn new things about their peers before they finish for the summer. You can either make your own classroom bingo sheet or find one online as there are plenty of free ones available.

The rules of this activity couldn’t be any simpler. All children have to do is to find a classmate who matches the description in any given square, then write that person’s name next to it. Like regular bingo, the winner is the first person to get a full house or to complete a row.

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