The Perfect New Year Classroom Display

Make sure you and your pupils get 2018 off to the best start with an eye catching and inspiring new year display. By using bright colour pops of paper, card, fabrics or felt, there will be no limit to kids' creativity. Read on to find out how to engage your pupils with artistic ways to celebrate the new year.

New year's resolutions

Celebrating the coming of the new year always means setting your priorities straight and drawing up your new year's resolutions. How about making 2018 the year that you're sure to have the most creative classroom display?

Get the kids involved by having them draw up their 2018 resolutions on colourful card and decorating them with glitter, pom poms or paints. When the resolutions are finished, stick them up in your display zone and make sure you and the children are always inspired by your new year's resolutions.

Fabrics and yarns

If you've exhausted your supply of colourful card and paper, then why not incorporate different materials, such as fabric or yarn, into your new year display? To make sure your displays are in line and up to date with what the kids are learning about, incorporate new materials into the classroom. You can do this by asking them to create animals with leopard, tiger or zebra printed faux furs for an exotic, nature-themed display, which goes far beyond the average displays using paper or card.

Fadeless rolls

To keep up your new year's resolution of having the most creative classroom display, you must have an eye catching background. Stop sunlight from fading the bright colours on your display with fadeless rolls of paper, which come in all colour combinations.

For displays that require more than just block colours, make use of fadeless rolls printed with images of the desert - perfect for projects about desert animals or wildlife - or choose the cloud roll, to encourage learning about air travel or the water cycle. There's a roll for every topic, with images from brick walls to life under the sea, so whatever topics you're teaching in 2018, your display is sure to be beautifully creative.

Whatever you need to transform your new year classroom display, from paintbrushes to aprons and everything in between, check out our full range at Springboard Supplies. All of the products are suitable for displays in nursery, preschool and primary schools, so get in touch with us today to see how we can help you.

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