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Many years ago a classroom display, in those schools which allowed them, would consist of not much more than a few rudimentary pieces of artwork from the children and then only at certain times of the year like Christmas or Easter.

But times have changed and nowadays we are all surrounded by imagery at school, in the home and on the street, everywhere you look in fact, from advertising hoardings to hospital waiting rooms. So what has this to do with teaching you may ask? As teachers know and education experts acknowledge, a classroom display can both inspire pride in children and stimulate the learning process.

So what classroom display essentials do you need to create the perfect display?

Consider The Classroom Layout

It helps firstly to look at the layout of the classroom. Work out how to maximise the space and arrange learning stations or desks to enable students to learn and interact with classmates without becoming distracted. Make sure also that they can easily see the classroom display in order to keep it relevant. Check that things can be displayed in a clean area where there is lots of light. One thing to remember though is making sure that things which could be used as missiles are not included in the display!

Seasonal classroom display packs are a neat way to enable children to create a wall display.  Paper shapes of different kinds and colourful papers and borders can be used to create any scene at all, from a forest to a farmyard to a beach. All that’s needed is the children’s’ imagination to create a display that illustrates, for instance, local conservation or charity projects.

Work On The Walls

Dress the walls with colourful artwork or current coursework and change these frequently to reflect work done by all the children in turn. Perhaps a classroom display could contain things like photos, drawings, poetry and written accounts that have been supplied by the children themselves. When children can see pieces of work that are personal to them this fosters a sense of pride and achievement which is crucial to their ongoing development.

A classroom display could contain a question and answer wall where children could pose questions relating to classroom subjects, general information or chatter – within reason of course.

The general idea behind classroom displays is that they should support students’ learning and creativity and with the right resources, these can be memorable and useful.

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