Our Favourite Resources for Early Literacy
Here at Springboard Supplies, we offer a huge range of early literacy resources designed to help early years children learn about literacy. Our selection of development tools and activities are ideal for playgroups or nurseries; here are just a few of our favourites.

ABC Lacing Sweets

Our alphabet lacing sweets offer a fun way for kids to hone their fine motor skills and develop hand-eye coordination whilst still working on their alphabet skills and letter recognition. Each of the twenty-six lacing sweets features an uppercase letter on one side and a lowercase letter on the other; perfect for when you’re starting to teach the little ones about writing.

Gruffalo Storysack

Everyone loves a story. With the Gruffalo Storysack, you can fully engage early years children in the popular narrative thanks to the set of five animal characters, Gruffalo hand puppet and Gruffalo scenery that help bring the story to life.

Fantastical Creatures Creative Writing Prompts

With bold, brightly coloured illustrations of fantastic creatures, our creative writing prompts are a brilliant imagination prompt for use in creative writing exercises. Alongside the glossy illustrations comes a set of printed action words that are handy for visual reference for the children as part of a table or wall display. Creative writing prompts are a brilliant way to inspire children to write by encouraging their imagination to run a little wild by helping to make early years literacy fun.

Emotion Cubes

Emotion cubes are a fun way to get early years children talking about and discussing different emotions. This set of four foam cubes features two cubes of photographs displaying different emotions and two cubes of the corresponding emotion words. Helping young kids work on emotional awareness when they’re young with the aid of fun activities can go a long way to helping them socially as they grow older.

Rhyming Pups

With our brilliantly colourful set of rhyming puppies, you can teach early years kids about rhyming whilst also reinforcing fine motor skills. The set includes 10 heads and 10 tails that can all be mixed and matched together to make more than 55 rhyming words. The bold colours and animal theme make this set a fun and light-hearted way to introduce rhyming to children.

Beginning a young child's literacy education doesn’t need to be boring. With a teaching aid or early literacy resource such as these, you can start teaching kids about literacy from a young age whilst still making it fun and exciting for them. Browse our full range online today!

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