With Easter now quickly approaching, it’s time to start planning out some festive classroom activities for your students. To get you started, we’ve listed some eggcellent primary school activities that your entire class will be sure to enjoy. From fun ways to spend the last day before the long weekend to Easter activities with an educational twist, you’ll be sure to find something to suit your primary school class.

Easter Egg Hunt

An egg hunt is undoubtedly the most fun activity associated with Easter and one that any primary school class will enjoy taking part in. The best thing about Easter egg hunts is that you can organise them however you see fit. For a fun afternoon activity, use all the nooks and crannies around the classroom to hide either chocolate eggs or egg-shaped containers with little gifts inside. If the weather is looking particularly good, you can even take your egg hunt outside by hiding the eggs around the playground. 

For an education twist, why not use this Counting Dinos Sorting Set instead of chocolate eggs? You can add clues into each so that students have to find them in numerical order, practising their numeracy skills in the process.   

Themed Baskets

Themed baskets are a fun craft activity for the entire class and allow students to practice their construction skills. This activity can be adapted to a number of different educational purposes, from learning different colours to vocabulary development. Our Make a Basket pack is the ideal educational resource and comes with the materials to construct 30 baskets.  

Egg Decorating

Whether you are using real eggs or choosing a less messy option like egg-shaped creative paper, Easter egg decorating is a straightforward and easy activity, making it perfect for the last day of school before the Easter bank holiday. For a hassle-free egg decorating activity that you can use for your primary school class, try our Triple Egg Decorations pack. The eggs in the pack can easily be decorated then threaded to be hung up and displayed either in the classroom or at home.  

Easter Word Search

Word searches offer a number of educational benefits. Not only do they aid vocabulary development but they also help with word and pattern recognition. Like other word puzzles, they can also improve children’s working memory along with their problem-solving skills.

For a fun Easter theme, you can create a word search puzzle with seasonal words related to the holiday.  

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