All young children naturally enjoy playing make-believe and coming up with entire worlds of their own. Using whatever props they have at hand, kids can spend hours acting like brave warriors defending a castle, or running around as princesses in their castle.

While this sort of role play seems like a simple way for children to play either alone or with others, imaginative play holds an important role in childhood development, particularly when it comes to social skills like cooperation and turn taking. So, how can you encourage imaginative play? Read on for our top tips.

Set the Scene

Whether it’s a separate room or a den, it’s important to provide a space for your child that’s specifically designed for an immersive imaginative play experience. To create the perfect setting for imaginative play, we offer a range of den making supplies including backdrops, forts, and themed floor mats.

If you are looking to encourage imaginative play by dedicating an entire room for it, then use one of our themed backdrops to create a more immersive experience. The vibrant photographic backdrops are available as a secret garden, fantasy forest, cloud, or forest backdrop to fuel endless different scenarios and stories.

Use Plenty of Props

While imaginative play relies on children using their own imagination, providing them with plenty of props will act as the initial spark they need to create their own worlds. Costumes, sets, and themed toys all fall under the overall category of props that will make imaginative play a fun experience for children.

Here at Springboard Supplies, we stock a wide range of props and role-play sets that are ideal for imaginative play. Covering everything from puppet theatre panels to wooden kitchen appliances, these props provide endless hours of fun as they play house or put on their own puppet shows.

Don’t be afraid to also use props that you already have in your home like stuffed animals, cardboard boxes. You can even make a dress-up box from old clothes to complement the different costumes you can find online.

Get Involved

Aside from creating a space for imaginative play and providing some fun props to set the scene, you can also encourage your children to use their imagination more by getting actively supporting imaginative play through participation. By getting involved you can tap into children’s natural desire to mimic what they see grown-ups doing, and provide your little one with an extra cast member for their world.

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