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Yes, we know that the school year has only just begun and you are just about settled in with your new class but the time has come already. It is, of course, time the talk about Christmas. It may seem like ages off yet as it looms over the other side of half term but if you want to ensure that you have all the supplies and equipment that you need to do the Christmas preschool activities with your pupils that you want, then now is the time to start planning.

Get ahead of the game

Planning and preparation is key if you want to make sure your supplies are fully stocked this Christmas period. Start thinking now about what kinds of activities you are likely to be involving your pupils in during the term; do you have any old favourites your school or nursery like to do every year? Any new ideas caught your eye last year that you wish you had tried? Get your ideas down and start planning with your staff so that you have plenty of time to research and find the supplies and materials you are going to need.

The time for giving

Christmas is the season for giving and most parents now almost expect their child to make a gift or tree decoration at school or nursery for them to bring home. Parents often really look forward to this part of the Christmas season as they get a lovely handmade keepsake with none of the mess that arts and crafts with children leaves behind. Make sure you order enough Christmas supplies for your festive makes so that there isn’t a shortage leading to disappointed children and parents.

Age appropriate

While Christmas is fun for kids of all ages it is important to remember that younger children will need to be supplied with age appropriate materials. Preschool activities will be completed with larger and chunkier materials than those used by children in junior school for example.

Be prepared for indoor play

Finally, the Christmas term is renowned for “wet play” emergencies where the weather will be bad preventing the children being able to play outdoors. Make sure you order enough supplies to cover the extra time children will be spending indoors as there is nothing more daunting that a classroom full of bored children.

Here at Springboard Supplies, we have a wealth of options for craft activities to make this term the best one yet.

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