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As we leap head first into autumn it’s time to start thinking about those display boards. A new set of children in the classroom signals that it is time for a different display and fresh new look for your classroom walls. That is where Springboard Supplies come in! Autumn can offer you the perfect inspiration for a new display in your corridor or classroom and mother nature not only provides us with plenty of ideas but also a great colour palette as well.

Leaves, Lots of Leaves!

It’s always a great idea to get your pupils involved in the displays you make for your classroom and the corridors, they take great pride in seeing their artwork on display. For key stage one pupils leaf prints made in bold autumnal colours work really well for a display. These can be cut out and stuck to large twigs to resemble trees, complete your display with acorns and conkers on a table below the artwork to create and autumnal woodland. Don’t forget to add a few story books that you can read together as a class.

For key stage two children why not plan an art session based on drawing the leaves rather than doing prints. These can of course then be used to either create a large tree on the wall using autumnal coloured papers or could make a great display of leaf drawings with the various parts labelled.

If you want to do something that is a little different to the usual leaf themed display, then you could also consider a display based around the theme of harvest; this is also very autumnal and lends itself well to plenty of artwork that you can get your class to help with. A scarecrow could make a great centerpiece to a harvest display.


Once you have the ideas for your display the key lies in making sure that you have the right supplies to pull it off. A plentiful supply of paper and paint will definitely be needed and don’t forget you will need to make sure you have plenty of staples for the staple gun.

Here at Springboard Supplies, we have a fantastic range of autumnal coloured papers, including some glittery paper, and a whole selection of pre-cut leaves and textured display items that could help you to create that perfect autumn display in your class.

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