Make Your Own Diwali Diva
As Diwali, the Hindu "festival of lights" is to soon on 19th October, what better time to get creative and make your own Diwali diva!
Also known as diya, deepa, deepam or deepak, divas are an oil lamp usually made from clay with a cotton wick dipped into vegetable oil.
They are used during special occasions such as Diwali (the festival of light) as Hindus believe the lighting of these lamps brings positive energy which welcomes Goddess Laxmi into the house.
Our Making Divas activity pack is a simple craft activity for Diwali and also serves as an ideal introduction to early years construction. Here's how to make one of your very own...

1. Select your diva

Diva 1Select one of the pre-cut diva shapes which come ready to go in an assortment of coloured card (a massive time saver!)

Create two folds on the shape to create a base allowing the diva to stand.

2. Decorate your diva

diva 2

Now place the diva flat on the table and decorate with brightly coloured pens, pencils and paint.  Other collage materials can also be used such as glitter circles or star sequins.

A personal message can be added at this stage to create a prefect take-home gift.

3. Give your diva a flame 

diva 3Cut a flame shape slightly smaller than the flame on the lamp from the brightly coloured paper provided. Glue into position and allow to dry.

As an extension activity, use a black pen to draw a wick for the flame.

4. Fold to finish

diva 4 

Finally, fold the two flames together so the diva lamps face outwards and the rectangle at the centre forms a flat base. Glue the top sections together with a spot of glue.






Click here to purchase your very own Making Divas activity pack, a very effective festival resource which is easily achievable in snapshot craft sessions!

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