Essential PSHE Teaching Resources

Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) are a core part of a child’s development at both nursery and primary school. At a younger age, PSHE helps children develop as individuals and integrate what they have learnt into aspects of their family and social life. The topic covers everything from feelings and emotions, to healthy living and lifestyle.

Here at Springboard Supplies, we have a wealth of educational resources for PSHE learners at nursery and primary school. In this blog article, we will talk you through some of the most essential PSHE resources for helping your class develop.

Emotions Posting Game

Understanding emotions is a vital aspect of a child’s development and this great game will encourage your class to talk about both positive and negative feelings. Using the cards, children can work alone or in groups to discuss the emotions provoked by the cards and post them into the correct postbox.

The pack contains 60 unique real life posting cards and 6 post boxes that each show a different emotion (Happy, Sad, Surprised, Worried, Angry, Upset).

Consequences Discussion Cards

Another important aspect of feelings and emotions are the potential consequences of acting in a certain way. This consequences discussion card game helps reinforce the need to consider outcomes of a behaviour to help prepare children for later life. The game aims to teach children an appreciation that choices made can have personal consequences as well as consequences for their peers and people they know.

The pack contains 36 cards that portray a range of behaviours and potential outcomes arising as a consequence. The issues cover helping others, cheating and bullying.

Getting Ready Cube

The Getting Ready Cube is a great practical learning activity that teaches young children how to do and undo the main recognisable clothing fastenings. The soft play activity cube helps children learn how to fasten key clothing items giving them the confidence to dress themselves.

Fastenings include: poppers on a rain coat, buttons on a waistcoat, belt on trousers, fastex buckles on backpack, zip on dress, velcro and laces on shoes. The cube also meets all relevant EU safety standards.

Matching Pairs - Healthy Foods

For helping children become familiar with healthy foods, whilst also improving vocabulary and memory skills, this matching pairs game is great for PSHE lessons. Having a healthy lifestyle and diet are crucial for a child’s development, so encouraging them to learn with healthy foods and become familiar with the different types is a win win situation!

The pack includes 56 cards printed with real life photos of different healthy foods, including: fruit, vegetables, meat and fish.

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