Our Favourite History Teaching Resources

At Springboard Supplies, we stock a range of history teaching resources to support the curriculum throughout Key Stage 1 and 2. Whether you are teaching your class about ancient Egypt, Greece or Rome, you will be sure to find a wealth of educational resources to help your pupils engage and interact effectively.

In this blog article, we will take you through some of our favourite history resources through different periods of history.  

BrainBox British History

For a great introductory, or indeed wind down activity - try this BrainBox British History card set. This versatile resource covers all major British history events, from stonehenge to Shakespeare, and all the way up to modern history.

You can even pick out certain cards that relate to the specific lesson plan and incorporate them into a lead in activity, or use the whole pack to introduce British History as a whole. However you choose to use the pack, the BrainBox British History card set is a great addition to anyone teaching British history to students at Key Stage 1.


Make an Egyptian Pyramid pk 30

Getting your pupils to understand the might of the Ancient Egyptian empire is no easy tasks. The Egyptian pyramids are perhaps one of their greatest achievements, and this creative pack is a useful resource for helping to teach your class about them. Incorporating an element of fun and hands on activity into any lesson plan is a great way for cementing learning. So use this to teach the 2D to 3D concept and the properties of a polyhedron to the pyramids of Ancient Egypt.

Thinking Cards - Ancient Greece pk 20

For helping to cement what your class has just learnt, an educational resource like these ancient Greek thinking cards are the perfect answer. These thinking cards feature a photograph on one side and five questions/activity suggestions on the back. You can plan your lessons around the cards, or choose the cards that fit what the aim of your lesson plan is. The cards have been developed to encourage an enquiring approach to the subject, improving observational and descriptive skills.

Romans Artefacts Pack

This large educational resource contains a variety of replica Roman artefacts that can be used to educate your class on ancient Roman life. The pack includes a mini roman helmet and stand, rings, torcs and coins. The pack also contains posters, an interactive timeline, photo cards and templates for students to design their own Roman mosaics and helmets. This vast resource is great for teaching the class about the Roman Empire and its impact on Britain during the period.  

For more information on our great range of history educational resources, visit our history section today!

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