Classroom Display Ideas for Summer

We are approaching the final half-term of the school year, with the summer holidays on the horizon, so it is time to start thinking about your end of year display. Will you opt for an informative display that will help cement what your class has been learning about, or something fun and light hearted to end the year on? Whatever you choose, here at Springboard Supplies, we supply a wealth of display materials to help you create the perfect classroom display.

In this blog article, we will take you through a few display ideas for the final half-term of the school year.

Summer Season Display

Summer is just around the corner, so a summer season display is a chance to get your class excited about the brightest and hottest season of the year. It is also a chance to teach your class about elements of summer, such as animals they can expect to find in their garden or what to bring with you when you go on a summer break. Summer is quite a broad topic, so it is worth considering how you can incorporate what you are teaching your class into the summer theme.

Holiday Themed Display

The summer season is closely related with going on holiday, so creating a display around the different types of holidays you can experience would be an exciting idea. You can use the display to teach children about what to bring on holiday, the different methods of transport and things to do on holiday.  

Flying Kite Thoughts Display

The end of the school year is a chance to recap and look forward to the next school year. This is a great time to get your class to discuss how they feel the year went and what they are looking forward to next year. You can create an immersive display that uses their thoughts, so they can see what and how everyone else is feeling. In the spirit of summer, you can use kites to display their thoughts, they hover in the air like thought bubbles are a summer themed activity.

Goodbye and Good luck Display

For teachers who are leaving, or class who are moving to upper school, goodbye and good luck displays are a great way to offer closure to the entire class. As children grow, they will start to understand that periods of time in their life don’t last forever;  people progress and move on. By creating a display that addresses this and celebrates moving on, it can help teach children for the future.

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