Phonics Threading Beads - Letter & Graphemes Set

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A great set for teaching the new letters and graphemes you need to learn in phase 3 of the letters and sounds programme. The cards are initially laid out with the yellow side facing up to show the picture of the word. Children pick a card and identify the missing word. They then form the word using a lace and beads, and lay the word on top of the card. All the words are taken from the bank of suggested words for teaching the new letters and graphemes in phase 3 of letters and sounds. All the cards are self-checking with the answers on the reverse of the card. The beads are orange and dark purple to match phases 2 and 3. Beads can be used independently to create pseudo words to check phonic recognition. Contains 125 beads, 38 double-sided cards (14 x 15cm) and 38 x 23cm laces.

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