The Benefits Of Lessons Outside This Summer

10 benefits of lessons outside this summer with Springboard Supplies

As teachers, we become accustomed to teaching within the four walls of a classroom.

But taking a lesson or two outside can bring many benefits to your students;


1)     Engaging – learning is the process of engaging and interacting with new thoughts, ideas and skills. Results show that being outside encourages children to engage with the learning at hand.

2)     Relevant – lessons outside don’t have to be nature based but when they are, children are surrounded by the very things they are talking and learning about.

3)     Creative – nature has long been a creative spark for painters, artists, and writers. As it inspires them it will also inspire creativity in children (and you!) to enhance their learning.

4)     Developing learning through play – play is a major source of learning for children of all ages. Learning outside is also a basis for experimentation too. Experiment with volume and texture with sand and water, for example.

5)     Improved attendance – not every child engages with school in a way or with a frequency that we would like. There are basic studies that show when changes are made in the learning environment, like lessons outside, attendance for some children is improved.

6)     Improve behaviour – not everyone likes sitting at a desk or cooped up inside a classroom. Providing outdoor learning experiences help children with their behaviour patterns too.

7)     Develop interests – just as adults have different likes and dislikes, so do children. There could be a budding David Attenborough or a child who could go on to develop a love of geology because of the time they spent learning in the outdoors.

8)     New opportunities – new opportunities and challenges can be daunting when a child faces them. Learning outside is not just about the playground or the playing field, but it is a great start. There are museums and parks, galleries and more to explore.

9)     Boosts physical activity – movement, activity and exercise are important in maintaining and promoting a healthy lifestyle. By being outside and active, there is a subconscious promotion of a child’s health. So long as the lesson is fun and engaging, they won’t even realise they are exercising!

10)  Fantastic resources – there are resources abound in nature, such as materials, colours and textures. Use these with resources bought from Springboard Supplies and you have everything that you need to excite young minds.


When the sun shines (and even when it doesn’t!) take a lesson outside!

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