create a den using primary teaching resources from Springboard Supplies

creating the perfect den with primary teaching resources from Springboard Supplies

Schools out for the summer, well almost, so it’s worth thinking about some things you can do with your children to keep them occupied during the holidays. If you are fortunate to get some really good weather then outdoor activities are a great way to keep the kids busy, get them plenty of fresh air and keep them away from tablets and the TV.

A great favourite is den building, which you could of course also do indoors if the weather turned to rain as it so often does during the British summer.

Remember dens are not just for summer, once the holidays are over they can make the perfect hideaway in the corner of your classroom, and can be decorated to suit any number of topics, they make great versatile primary teaching resources.

How Do You Build The Perfect Den?

  1.     Begin by picking the perfect spot for your den, this is important it should be nice and flat, comfy to sit on and try to avoid areas that get really damp if it rains; nobody wants to be sitting on cold damp earth. The best places are usually next to a tree, which you will be able to use to help form your den.
  2.     Next you will need to find three good sized branches to form the basic shape of your den, they don’t have to be completely bare; some small leafy branches are fine as these will act as cover and make adding other branches easier. Wedge the tops of these branches against the tree and make sure they are placed properly into the ground at the other end.
  3.     To make sure your uprights are secure place the shorter heavy branches are around the base to make sure they don’t slip.

Covering Your Den

If you want to go for the completely natural look then carefully weave thin branches with leaves on around the uprights of your den to provide a leafy covering. Alternatively, you could cover the structure with material; there are no real rules when it comes to customising your den so once the basics are in place let your imagination run wild.

You could also cover it with camouflage fabric and netting; Springboard Supplies sell a couple of different products that would be perfect for this.

Customise Your Den

Don’t forget to add cushions, a mat, and anything you want to your den to customise it. And most importantly don’t forget the food supplies because a den isn’t a den without snacks!

With all these great tips, you’ll soon have a great - and unique - den for your children to show off!

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