Providing Honey Bear Day Care with a Range of Cost-Effective Resources


Honey Bear Day Care is located in Lancashire. They create a safe yet stimulating environment with a caring and loving atmosphere where each of their 120 children’s individual needs are catered for.

Springboard Supplies have supported them by providing cost effective solutions so they can purchase large quantities of supplies to support their lessons throughout the year.

Q&A with Sarah Purslow, Owner/ Manager

What was the key factor for you when changing suppliers?

The catalogue come through the post, I was looking for Kinetic sand at the time, I had researched it everywhere and I found it in the catalogue. I had previously ordered it from loads of different places, but I only receive little fiddly pots. However, Springboard Supplies’ sand products were really good value. So I started ordering more resources from Springboard - it has been a really good experience and I’ve spent a lot of my budget with them.

What initially drove you towards choosing Springboard Supplies?

I was conscious of spending money wisely. So as I was shopping around I saw some cheaper options with Springboard so thought I would try them and see what they’re like. I now use Springboard a lot because I know everything is delivered really quickly too. This is quite important for settings like mine as storage is often an issue because you don’t want to clutter the place. If you know you can leave it until a few days before you need something, you can place the order and be sure it’s going to arrive when you need it.

What do you order on a regular basis from Springboard Supplies?

I order the sand on a regular basis, as well as some paper and other stationery supplies.

We recognise that there are many options when it comes to sourcing resources for schools, so what makes you come back and choose Springboard Supplies?

It’s the quick process, from order to delivery. No messing about, I think the site is easy to manage as well - it’s been really reliable. Whenever there’s been problems they’ve been really helpful too!

"Springboard Supplies’ sand products were really good value. So I started ordering more supplies from Springboard - it has been a really good experience"

Do you find the website easy to order from?

Yes, very straightforward to use. I’m a real technophobe and even I find it easy!

Are you happy with the quality and price of the products that you’ve purchased so far?

Yes, I am. I’ve bought a children’s castle which was fairly priced too, and I’ve also bought the Junior Jumper which I was particularly pleased with. We had used it for about a year or so and it was showing signs of age, but Springboard Supplies replaced it with no hassle once I told them about it.

Is there anything that your setting has required that is not available in the product range?

No, I don’t think so. The variety of products is really good.

"I’ve been really happy with the service - no problems at all, 10/10!"

Is there anything that you would improve about Springboard Supplies, either services or products?

I can’t think of anything. I’ve been really happy with the service - no problems at all, 10/10!


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