Delivering High-Quality Furniture Resources for the BCoT Nursery with a Dependable Service


The BCoT Nursery is located in Basingstoke. They opened in 1996 and have worked hard to ensure that all children in the care enjoy learning and playing so they can go on to fulfil their full potential.

Springboard Supplies have supported them by providing them with high-quality furniture and play equipment. Springboard supported them through the Summer giving viable delivery options through the pandemic and advice where necessary.

Q&A with Jazmine Dhanjal, Deputy Manager

What was the key factor for you when changing suppliers?

They factors were the problems that we were having with the other companies. We would order and they delivered products that were different to their product description and spec. Also, the quality of the items we ordered were not that great.

What initially drove you towards choosing Springboard Supplies?

The product range and value for money were the most appealing aspects. We ordered the reading dens and carpets and rugs, unfortunately we can’t use the rugs because of Covid, they are still in the office at the moment! But all the other furniture is being used and it would definitely be a company that we would use again. So we set Springboard Supplies up with our finance department. We have to use a purchase order request so we have set them up as one of our regular suppliers so we are able to do that a lot quicker.

"It would definitely be a company that we would use again."

We recognise that there are many options when it comes to sourcing resources for schools, so what makes you come back and choose Springboard Supplies?

I have to say the customer relations throughout this entire pandemic were amazing. It gives you that peace of mind and faith in a company that they will deliver. With everything going on, they were easy to talk to, they were able to deal with all of the requests that we had and even advised us about the delivery options with COVID and lockdown. Everybody I have spoken to has been really helpful and welcoming so that is something that is huge for us to want to be dealing with a supplier again.

Do you find the website easy to order from?

Yes, really easy. All of the information you needed was right there, dimensions, product details, codes, prices and it was all nice and clear.

"Everybody I have spoken to has been really helpful and welcoming so that is something that is huge for us to want to be dealing with a supplier again."

Is there anything that your setting has required that is not available in the product range?

At the moment, no. Everything that we have needed we have been able to source from Springboard. We haven’t come across anything yet!

Is there anything that you would improve about Springboard Supplies, either services or products?

No because it’s been a really good experience, so no there’s nothing at the moment. I think it’s just amazing. I wish other companies take heed from you guys!


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