Prepare your Classroom for Christmas
With Christmas creeping upon us, it’s time to start planning how you can prepare your classroom for the season. It’s important to create a space that will excite your class, yet won’t stop them from learning. And as we all know, children tend to get rather giddy and distracted when it comes to Christmas. Today, we're going to show you how you can create a fun yet functional Christmas classroom with Springboard Supplies.

Reflect Christmas in your Displays

Whether you’re displaying poetry, graphs or paintings, subtly reflect the festive season with a display that will remind your class of Christmas. The Christmas display pack features four fadeless display rolls and 12 bordette rolls in bold red, blue and green, perfect for tying in with a Christmas themed classroom.

Remind them of the roots of Christmas

This pack of nativity stick puppets will give your class a fun crafty task as they can add faces, clothes and personality to each puppet. While making them, you may find your class asking questions about the story of Christmas, and, once completed, they make perfect puppets for role play or for reciting Christmas stories.

Go for Glitter

Helping to develop sensory skills by giving children new textures and patterns, glitter reminds many kids of Christmas. Glitter pom poms, shakers  and crayons can all be used for arts and crafts, and you can even give kids the option to write in glitter markers for a fun change. Place a few glittery or metallic Christmas decorations around your room too, for a festive look that will reflect light and add depth.

Create Christmas themed Educational Tasks

Create a striking centrepiece in your classroom that can tie into an educational task. The Decopatch XL letterbox can be decorated by your class for a fun group task that will help develop relationships. Once completed, it can also be used to post Christmas themed letters or poetry inside, to be read in front of an assembly or class.

Give them Something to take home

An important theme for Christmas is about giving, so act on this by getting your class to create cards or decorations that can be taken home or given to relatives and friends. The robin cards and feathers pack is a cute and quirky alternative to stars and Christmas shapes that children will love creating and injecting their personality into. Our paper mache Christmas decorations are great alternatives for individual tasks, or for something different, you can encourage group projects with the paper mache Christmas tree.

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