8 Summer Craft Ideas for Teachers
As the summer holidays are approaching and this year’s teaching is coming to an end, arts and crafts are a fun way to continue learning and development. With a range of craft ideas for inside the classroom and outdoors, you’ll be sure to find one that children will love.

Stained Glass Leaves

Bring summer into the classroom by making some stained glass leaves – perfect for decorating the windows while the sun is shining, to cast the room in a seasonal green glow and really bring the stained glass effect to life.

Paint with Bubbles

Enjoy some messy craft time outside and paint with bubbles. To help your class create their own masterpieces in this fun and unusual way, all you need is some paint, dishwashing liquid, and water. Summer is the perfect time to try bubble painting, so you don’t end up with a classroom full of bubble-shaped splashes.

Paper Minibeasts

What better way to teach children about nature and how it comes alive during summer than by getting crafty with some glitter and glitzing up some paper minibeasts. Once these mini masterpieces are finishes, they can then be used as part of a classroom display or taken home as a keepsake.

Pinwheel Making

A wonderful take home gift to end the summer term with, pinwheel making is a fun craft for young learners and something they’ll have hours of fun with outside once they finish making. Use some decorative kraft paper to create a pinwheel that will be bright enough to match the summer weather.

Puffy Paint Craft

Painting with puffy paint is a great sensory experience and results in some impressive 3D artwork that can be taken home, or use as part of a classroom display. Although you can buy ready-made puffy paint, it’s easy to make it yourself with some regular paint and shaving cream.

Kite Making
Kite making is a fun craft activity that will encourage the development of fine motor skills, and creativity. Once finished, the kites can be used as the basis of other educational activities or to simply to run around and enjoy the sunshine.

Handprint Flowers
Take inspiration from the blooming flora outdoors by making some handprint flowers. Children can do this by either using finger paint or tracing their handprint on sugar paper before carefully cutting it out to construct their flower.

Get Crafty with Textured Painters
Make the most of the summer weather by enjoying some craft time outdoors. Giant textured outdoor painters are the perfect way to get creative on a large scale. These innovative tools can be used with paint, water, or on sand, to create interesting patterns by swirling, stamping, or scraping the painters.

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