T’is the season for festive crafts

The Christmas ads are on TV and mince pies are in the shops, so the Christmas countdown is officially on, and when it comes to getting your classroom ready for the festive season, there’s snow time like the present for some fun, easy Christmas crafts.

One of the best parts of this time of year is getting crafty together and making decorations for the classroom - or to take home - with some fun and easy Christmas crafts. So here are our best festive craft ideas for you to ‘spruce’ things up a bit - ha!


Ideas for festive crafts #1: The Festival of Lights

Before Christmas, there’s Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights. Including this Jewish festival in your festive crafts curriculum is a wonderful way to keep your classroom inclusive. It’s an opportunity to creatively teach your pupils about Hanukkah, allowing those who celebrate the festival to share their experiences and joy with their peers. Now, that’s what we call festive spirit!

Our Hanukkah Activity Pack includes an informational booklet and a range of decorating activities related to the festival. Or you can have your class make their own menorah while learning about their importance with paper, card and collaging materials.


Ideas for festive crafts #2: Things to take home

Nothing says ‘Happy Holly-Days’ like a homemade card and gift! Get your pupils into the spirit of giving with fun, easy Christmas crafting they can take home to their loved ones. Families will love it - they get the joy of some festive art but with none of the clean up!

An excellent activity for all ages is making Christmas magnets. Our pack comes with ten pre-cut shapes to decorate and glitter - fun, easy Christmas crafts that make a great gift, too. You could also try these stocking boxes and bauble boxes, for a fine motor skills challenge that’s topped off with glitter and felt! They make the perfect little gift boxes to fill with some treats to take home. Don’t forget to send them off with a card too. You can choose from a range of festive cards to craft, from crackers to Christmas puds.


Ideas for festive crafts #3: Tree-mendous decorations

You thought we were running out of fun, easy Christmas crafts to do? But wait, there’s myrrh where that came from. After all, what festive crafts session would be complete without an array of decorations to adorn your classroom with?

A Christmas display wouldn’t be complete without a cheery wreath to deck the walls with. These embossed wreaths can be festive’d up with shading, scribbles, crayons or even gel pens to help with fine motor skills. Or if you just can’t stay away from glitter, try these snowman wreaths complete with cut-out snowmen with glittery jumpers and sparkly pipe cleaners.

Yule be sorry if you forget your window decorations! Stained glass is a favourite for festive crafts with children. It’s delicate work with a big reward! There’s no need to complicate it either - our stained glass festive shapes, snowmen, and star packs come with pre-cut stencils, tissue paper, and glitter stickers to decorate with. Hang them on the window and let them shine!

Finally, no festive crafts would be finished without making a tree-riffic bunch of baubles! Get the children involved in a simple folding activity with these concertina angel decorations, get edgy with these assorted rip and stick baubles, or test their needlepoint abilities with these felt decorations! P.S. If you don’t have a tree for the classroom, we’ve got you covered there, too (you can find one here).

Get festive crafts shopping!

Like chestnuts roasting on an open fire, we hope this blog has got you raring to go with fun and easy Christmas crafts. If you’re still looking for some inspiration, head to our Christmas crafts collection or get in touch, and you can springboard some ideas from us.


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