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Set of six gel-filled panels in orange, blue, pink, purple, green and red. Safe and easy to use, sensory and tactile. The mats are made of high-tech materials, and are filled with cosmetic liquid (non toxic), completely sealed and have a non slip bottom. The thick protective layer is highly scratch and abrasion resistant, and each mat can withstand up to 90kg. These can be used on a table or on the floor. Move the gel with hands or feet, and create flowing colours that swirl around as you move them. These fascinating mats make it possible to continually create new, wonderful, colourful and imaginative patterns, and can have a calming/or alerting effect. Only a little pressure is required to create a dramatic visual effect. Suitable for physical exercises requiring coordination and balance, standing on one leg, slowly switching from one to the other, tapping foot on the mat. Use with others and this can encourage social interaction and teamwork, with the physical movement also translating into learning.

Can be combined with our Wooden Frame, to allow the panels to be wall mounted.

Pack Size Set of 6
Dimensions Size: 50cm
Warranty 1 Year
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