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This desktop maths-focused set features a stackable storage box containing 40 regular Magformers magnetic pieces - 12 equilateral triangles, 18 squares, 6 isosceles triangles, 2 hexagons, 2 pentagons. As a result, it makes mathematical 2D nets and corresponding 3D geometric structures from cubes to prisms and other polyhedra (like a rhombicuboctahedron). It delivers several EYFS and KS1 maths learning objectives and this includes helping children to identify shapes and their properties and make the 2D nets of 3D geometric shapes. Educational play is extended as children learn to grow their mathematical vocabulary, exploring polygons and polyhedra, prisms, faces, vertices, edges and visually comparing the different properties of shapes such as isosceles and equilateral triangles. In each Magformers piece, the magnets are safely contained within all the edges. All magnets can rotate 360 degrees so always connect when two Magformers are held together.
• 40 magnetic Magformers pieces and a stackable storage box.
• Makes tessellated patterns.
• Makes 2D nets for cuboids, pyramids and prisms.
• Contains instructional sheets and booklet.

Pack Size Set
Brand Magformers

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