The Only Christmas School Activities Worksheets You will Ever Need

For your students, the days leading up to the Christmas holiday are fun-filled and something to look forward to. But for teachers, we all know it’s a different story. Weighted down with a seemingly endless list of tasks to get through while your students are still in school, and before you can turn off for Christmas and enjoy a break. You don't even think you have time to start thinking about planning for the return to school. It’s stressful, we know.

The lead up to Christmas should give students and teachers time to enjoy each others company and have a bit of fun (maybe even a Christmas classroom party!) before the end of the year. But it’s also an important opportunity to review what was learned during the term. Not only will this increase the likelihood of that knowledge sticking, but it’ll make it easier to pick up and get started again after the Christmas holidays. 

If you feel like you need a minute to catch your breath, you’re not alone. Here, we’ve compiled a list of all the Christmas worksheet resources you’ll ever need in primary school. Hand any of these activities out and keep little hands and brains busy ad productive while you wrap up for Christmas. 


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An endless list of worksheets that are free to download. Sort by age group all the way from preschool Christmas activities to KS1 and KS2 (take note that these are split up by US grade, though) and print off a stack of these to keep handy around the Christmas period. Activities range from dot-to-dot pictures to colouring by numbers, to tasks for older children like creating a Christmas calendar and solving word or number problems. 

These sorts of activity sheets are ideal to hand round if you’ve put a Christmas film on to watch.

2. Super Teacher Worksheets

If you want to set the students activities by subject or by activity type, Super Teacher Worksheets is ideal. Here, teachers can download maths activities, brainteasers, colouring pages, and craft projects for students to tackle individually or in groups. Craft projects are super simple to follow and come as PDFs you can print out and hand round. Activities include making a Christmas bag puppet or making a stand-up Christmas tree. Ensure you’re in good supply of colouring pencils, pens, and crayons so that you can let the students get stuck into these activities. 


3. Teaching Resources

On the Tes website teachers and find a wide selection of activities in line with the UK school curriculum. The worksheets and downloads here are mostly free and range from creative, art tasks, to riddles and literacy work, to quizzes and puzzles. Sort by curriculum-based worksheets, art and craft activities, and connecting people to find projects that suit your lesson plans and students. 

You might want to spice up Christmas crafting activities by providing the students with some special Christmas-themed craft materials, like these Christmas Sequin Shakers. Crafts can then be used to decorate the classroom for a Christmas party!


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4. Teacher Planet 

Teacher Planet’s Christmas resource list covers just about any time of activity you might need to fill up some time in the days before the Christmas break. This simple list of resources includes lesson plans for more substantial work covering topics like Christmas traditions and Christmas around the world. For smaller, or quicker activities, teachers can also find colouring pages, worksheets, puzzles, mad libs, word searches, and decoration-making instructions. 

If you’re teaching your students about the history of Christmas, using visual props will help young children to engage, absorb, and get excited about how Christmas is and has been celebrated around the world. This Christianity Photopack & Activity Book contains 20 laminated cards with a teacher’s resource that can be used to guide students’ learning. 


5. Teach It Primary 

Sort by subject, Key Stage type, resource type, and more detailed topics in this incredibly granular resource for hundreds of Christmas activity sheets. Download and print out these task sheets that can be tailored to any age group. Activities include persuasive writing tasks, Grinch-themed games, a victorian Christmas quiz, a challenge on 25 things to do before Christmas, and many more creative mini projects.

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