These engaging, hands-on Maths manipulatives are ideal for teaching numeray through the maths mastery teaching method. The mastery approach to teaching maths involves 3 main elements: fluency, reasoning and problem solving. It allows primary maths skills to be developed gradually through 3 different stages of learning (concrete, pictorial and abstract) as the children's knowledge increases.


When first introduced to an idea or skills, hands-on teaching resources enables the process to be acted out through experience. No matter what the resources are, they can be moved, grouped and rearranged to illustrate the problem.


As a child's experience and confidence grows in Mathematics, they may no longer need physical objects to actually move around in order to understand and practise their maths skills. Chldren will begin to visualise the concept and start to record this pictorially.


Once children have enough context of the maths skill or concept they will begin to perform them at a symbolic level, using only numbers, notation and mathematical symbols to represent and solve the problem mentally.

Here at Springboard Supplies, we have a range of activities and resources to adopt the Singapore Maths approach in the classroom or even at home.

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