Stationery for Schools: The Complete Teacher’s Checklist

The last thing any teacher needs is to be caught short on supplies in the middle of a lesson. Trying to find a substitute for Pritt Stick, or making a dash for another classroom to locate some sellotape just adds stress to the day that nobody needs.

At Springboard Supplies, we’ve spent years supporting teachers with important stationery items for school. We know exactly what needs to be well-stocked in the classroom at all times. Read on for our comprehensive school stationery items list to make sure you’re topped up and in good supply at all times.

School Equipment List for Students

Make sure that you have enough of the items on this school stationery checklist for each student in the class. Some equipment can be shared between pupils such as scissors and rulers as long as there are enough items to move activities along quickly. Inspect equipment regularly to make sure it is in good working order and doesn’t present a hazard.  

Springboard Supplies 5mm Squared Exercise Book

Exercise books will need to be ordered for each child. Ensure you have extras in case replacements are needed. Providing different coloured exercise books for different subjects is a good way to quickly and clearly differentiate when collecting and marking work. We stock A4 and A5 school exercise books in a variety of different colours. We also offer exercise books personalised with your school logo

Exercise books:

Springboard Supplies Handwriting Exercise Book inner

Other essential stationery:

School Stationery Supplies List for Teachers

The essentials in this primary school stationery list cover everything you need to mark, organise and display work in the classroom. Staplers, paperclips and paper fasteners are easily forgotten but can be the difference between marking work in a matter of hours, or spending an hour trying to piece together a student’s project.

Springboard Supplies Stabilo Boss Highlighters

Highlighters and Sticky Notes come in handing giving clear feedback and instructions on work, in addition to markers. Sellotape and Blu Tac are consistently useful for putting up last minute project work on the classroom walls or fixing torn work in a jiffy.


Springboard Supplies Rubber Bands Tub

In addition to these essential resources, there are a few extras that really come in handy from time to time. Adding these to your school stationery items list could make lessons more fun and your work less stressful and time-consuming.

Useful extras:

  • Guillotines and paper trimmers: separate out worksheets copied or printed in bulk, tidy up art projects, create paper strips for crafts
  • Correction fluid: although usually banned for students use this comes in handy for correcting displays or omitting information on worksheets you plan to photocopy
  • Laminators: immortalise art projects, create crafts and posters for outdoors, make reusable, wipeable worksheets 
  • Reward stickers: get students super motivated with a reward system or just a nice surprise on their homework
Springboard Supplies Xstamper 3-in-1 - Good Work
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