Halloween Activities for Preschool Kids

Dressing up, sweets, slime, what’s not to love about Halloween if you’re a kid? Halloween is a fun holiday that for preschoolers, primary school children, and all the way up to big kids. As a teacher, you can use Halloween activities for pre school to get children excited about EYFS educational play and learning, as well as involving them in cultural and community celebrations. We’ve rounded up five excellent resources for pre school Halloween activities that mean you’ll never run out of ideas. 

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1. No Time for Flash Cards

Find preschool Halloween activities here that focus on sensory play, crafting and textures. By following these easy tutorials you can help your students craft pumpkins and bats out of different shapes, create Frankenstein sorting pots, and make 3D pumpkins in messy play. All of the activities listed here are designed to practice understanding patterns and sequences, counting, manipulation, and other critical skills developed in early years.

2. Little Bins for Little Hands

The fun early years activities on this website combine play with learning and focus on refining key motivations like exploration and discovery. All of these activities involve a great deal of sensory play and are cheap and easy to set up, most only requiring household items to make. Follow tutorials here to make bat slime, create an erupting pumpkin, blow ghost bubbles, and set up a variety of spooky tuff trays

3. Teachwire

If you’re looking for some preschool Halloween tasks you can let kids get on with then Teachwire can help! Find nine of the best downloads here for Halloween-themed activity sheets. Find colouring sheets here, recommended books for storytime, and printable decorations. You can also find out how to turn your role play area, or reading corner, into a spooky hotel, making storytime a truly immersive experience. 

4. First Discoverers

For fun Halloween arts and crafts, check out First Discoverers’ list of ideas. These crafty activities are perfect for little ones to get stuck into. Find anything to suit your class, from pumpkin painting to mask making. Children can practice fine motor skills by threading a spider’s web on a card template or make paper plate ghosts as a fun group activity. There’s even a monster cupcake recipe here if you want to bring in some tasty treats for the occasion 

5. Country Living

Your Halloween celebrations should include some fun games that the children can play together. Not only are games useful to practising teamwork and communication, but they help young children bond and form friendships, as well as trusting their teacher (and finding them good fun!). Find all sorts of Halloween themed games here such as Witch Hat Ring Toss, Mummy Sack Race, and even a doughnut-eating contest. Find more Halloween drama games in our blog. 

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