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With the dark nights drawing in and the cold temperature prohibiting outdoor play, Christmas presents the perfect time of year for crafting! And what better gift for a child to give to their parents than one which has been handmade by themselves.

Today with just one month to go until the big day, here are five great craft ideas for creating beautiful gifts that children can take home to give as presents:

5. Christmas Magnets

Make a Christmas MagnetThis festive activity is perfect for all ages and abilities! The magnets, made from thin magnetic paper, can be decorated using any collage materials you may have available, including felt pens, glitter pens, small paper shapes. 

The magnetic surface on the reverse makes these gifts perfect for sticking on a kitchen fridge at home or alternatively on a filling cabinet in the office! This resources is available at Springboard Supplies.

4. Paper Plate Scrunchy Penguin

Scrunchy Penguin Paper Plate CraftThis winter penguin craft is an ideal craft activity, perfect for snapshot craft sessions! Simply scrunch up small pieces of black and white crepe or tissue paper and glue these to a paper plate cut in half. Don't forget to add detail with bits of orange paper scrunched up for the nose!

This activity and image has been taken from Activity Village.



3. Christmas Weaving Shapes

Christmas Weaving ShapesHave fun creating these bright and colourful Christmas characters! This activity is ideal for EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) as it deals with the development of fine motor skills, dexterity and hand-eye coordination.

The shapes and the weaving strips all come pre cut in an assortment of colours meaning very little preparation time is needed! Perfect for teachers at this busy time of year! This resource is available at Springboard Supplies

 2. Easy Felt Santa Claus

Santa Claus OrnamentHave fun with this super easy felt craft! Along with some felt, all you will need is glue, scissors, a ruler and the free downloadable pattern available online. 

This idea and image has been taken from funEZcrafts.

1. Reindeer Baskets 

Make a Reindeer BasketThis reindeer craft activity, suitable for ages 4+, results in a take-home gift which is ideal for giving presents in at Christmas time. The building of the basket deals with 2D to 3D construction along with hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. The chunky glitter circles provided are ideal for little fingers to decorate and the possibilities for additional embellishment are endless!

This resource pack is available at Springboard Supplies

So that's it! Our rundown of 5 fantastic craft activities which make great take home gifts for the festive season! Have we missed anything off our list? Let us know in the comments below and join the conversation on Twitter @sboardsupplies.

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