With the end of term quickly approaching, you’ll no doubt be looking to wind down and spend the last few days in the classroom by treating your students to some fun end-of-term activities.

End-of-Term Quiz

Everybody loves a good quiz, and it’s a fun way to check how much your students have retained from this term’s lessons. For a more relaxed quiz, you can always challenge your students with some festive questions or combine the two to create quiz questions that will test your students’ knowledge, but all have a Christmas-y theme.

Christmas Paper Chains

For a simple yet engaging end-of-term craft activity, why not challenge the entire class to create a Christmas paper chain? Students can either work alone to create their own chains, in groups or combine their efforts as a whole class to make an impressively long paper chain. To create some truly stunning Christmas paper chains, make sure you use creative paper and card, which come in a range of impressive finishes including metallic colours and colourful patterns.

Memory Books

Memory books are not only a fun activity for the last day of term but they also give students an opportunity to reflect over everything they have learned so far in the school year. The best thing about this activity is that you can make it as long or short as you like, and it can easily be adapted to different age ranges. To help students get started, include prompts about what they learned during the term, their favourite memory, the most fun experiment they did, and so on.

Take Home Gifts

Making take-home gifts is a great way to wind down on the last day of term, allowing students to show off their creative skills. From masks to frames and boxes, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to things your students can make and decorate to commemorate the end of the term. For a festive twist on take-home gifts, you can have your students make their own unique Christmas decorations, which they can then add to their tree when they get home.

Christmas Cards

Whether you are making Christmas cards from scratch or using templates (ideal for younger children!), this fun craft activity will be sure to get your class in the festive spirit. Our card making and calendars resources contain plenty of Christmas-themes supplies to help you get started with your card making. For older children, you can let them make their own from scratch using a coloured card, which they can then decorate however they choose.

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