15 Versatile Classroom Storage Ideas for Saving Space

Your classroom needs to be versatile and flexible to accommodate all the creative lessons and activities you lead. We know how important it is to give kids the freedom to explore, express themselves, and learn in all the ways that work for them. 

Because of this, we don’t want classrooms to hold anyone back, so furniture, particularly classroom storage furniture, is essential. Storage needs to be flexible, and capable of accommodating whatever your class gets up to. We often think that classrooms need to be able to be ‘modular’, so having storage that can be changed up and moved around easily is highly important. 

In this article, we will cover 15 of our best-selling items of classroom storage furniture and why they’re excellent if you’re looking for versatility.

Mobile Cloakroom

This mobile cloakroom comes with ten double-sided coat hooks and an area for shoes to be stored. At 113 x 46 x 75cm, it’s an ideal size and shape and doesn’t take up much room wherever you store it. It also comes with castors meaning you can easily move it from one place to another. 

Use the mobile cloakroom to keep wet coats and boots in one place and prevent bringing water into the classroom. Or use it for roleplay and dressing up clothes when not in use. 

Welly Boot Trolley

Hold up to 24 pairs of wellington boots on this trolley. Boots are stored upside down, keeping wet soles off the ground and helping you maintain a dry classroom. The 50(W) x 50(L) x 107(H) cm unit is made from rigid metal and comes on heavy-duty castors that can cope with outdoor terrain so that you can bring the wellington boots anywhere needed.

The trolley is also designed with three internal shelves to store other items like hats, gloves, and outdoor equipment.

First Aid Trolley

A study storage trolley made in signature first aid green for easier identification, this unit contains four shallow trays with clip-on lids, one deep tray with a lid, and two braked castors for safety.

Use this unit to store all first aid supplies in one place to ensure optimum safety. The unit is easily portable, so you’ll always have complete first aid provisions to hand.

Multi Purpose Equipment Trolley

This is the perfect multi-purpose trolley for storing virtually any medium to large-sized type of equipment. Four separate baskets mean plenty of space between the bottom and top layers. The trolley also has a rack attached to the side to hand items on. 

This trolley is primarily for PE equipment but can be used for just about anything from drama supplies to science equipment. 

Lunchbox Trolley (Single-Sided)

Keep all lunchboxes stored safely away until lunchtime with this trolley. Storing lunchboxes on a trolley means they’re safe from little fingers until the right time and won’t get bashed about and squashed during morning activities. It also provides a dedicated area for lunchboxes to go and helps children build a routine in the classroom.

This three-shelve lunchbox trolley can store up to 20 lunchboxes and comes on braked castors, so you can move the trolley into a cool area and bring it out at the right time for everyone to take their lunch. 

Gratnells Rover Trolley

The Gratnells Rover Trolley is designed to be minimal, robust, and highly ergonomic. Operate the trolley on all kinds of terrain, even rough, uneven ground outside. It can even be used to transport loads across staircases. The runner system is designed to accommodate multiple Gratnells trays in a variety of depths. The trays are held firmly in place with a strap.

This is the ideal teach trolley for carrying loads of all kinds. Take your equipment and supplies virtually anywhere with ease. 

Gratnells Jumbo Tray

Sometimes you just need a big tray to store whatever it is you happen to be using in class or working on at that time. When those situations arise, we recommend the Gratnells Jumbo Tray. Made from sturdy plastic and available in 10 different colours, this extra-deep tray has ample storage space. The lip means it can be easily grabbed, lifted, and carried. 

This tray works in conjunction with many of the tray units found on our classroom storage page. 

Callero A3 Paper Trolley

Storing large artwork and materials can be a nightmare in a small classroom. This A3 paper trolley removes the frustration of losing space and trying to keep large sheets of paper and card in good condition. 

This trolley comes with ten shallow trays to keep paper in, so you have ample room to store large sheets and large flat artwork. 

6-Bay Kinderbox with 12 Shallow trays

This unit is ideal if you’re looking for a larger storage unit for the classroom. The Kinderbox features three lower compartments for storing 12 shallow Gratnells trays and six top-loading compartments on the top. The whole unit is sat on six durable castors, making it easy to push and move the unit around as needed. 

At 1022(W) x 453(D) x 600(H) mm, this unit is generous enough to accommodate many different classroom items, including toys, books, exercise work, artwork, stationery, and more. 

Grab Mat and Bag

Tidying up after playing has never been so easy, and little ones will love to help with this ingenious bag. Simply throw items into the centre of the flat circular mat, pull the drawstring, and the mat's edges will come together to form a neat bag.

When you take the Grab Mat and Bag out, children can take advantage of the soft fabric to play on and use the unit as a central location for play. 

32 Shallow Tray Unit (Quad)

Each student in the class gets an individual tray in this 32-tray unit. With eight trays in each column, this unit is just 79cm high, ideal for children to reach even the top trays easily. Give each child a sense of responsibility and individuality with their own tray to store workbooks and sheets in and help yourself with organisation and tidying at the same time. 

In this unit, trays come in four different colours to keep the classroom bright and help organise them by group or any other way you see fit. The whole unit is fitted on castors to move it easily when you need to. 

Callero Art Trolley with Trays and Drying Rack

If storing artwork is a problem, then drying artwork is a nightmare, especially in a busy classroom. We like this art trolley because it contains both storage trays and drying racks. Dry artwork and store it in one place, saving space in your classroom.

The unit also has a depression in the top where art equipment can be kept. Use the castors to roll the unit out for everyone to place their artwork on the drying racks or help tidy up. 

Maple 6-Compartment Book Display

Encouraging a positive reading culture is highly important in the classroom, and your reading corner furniture should do just that. This front-facing book display means you can store books with the covers facing forwards. Use the brilliant cover art on your books to entice kids to pick them up and read.

This unit has a low bottom lip for maximum visibility and to help little ones reach books themselves. It can store up to 60 books meaning all your book storage is taken care of. 

3-Shelf Maple Bookcase Foolscap

For maximum storage of books, exercise books, worksheets, binders, folders, art, leaflets, and anything else you keep in the classroom. This is the ultimate unit—a three-shelf bookcase with 33 foolscap library boxes made to fit exactly into each shelf. The library boxes come in 11 curriculum colours to give you lots of organising options. 

With ample space in each library box, this unit can be used to store anything and everything. 

Milan 8-Compartment Cabinet with 4 Red Trays

This eight-compartment cabinet is a fantastic storage unit for any classroom. There is so much space to use up, featuring eight cubby holes of varying sizes and four deep plastic trays of H210 x W260 x D350mm. Use this cabinet for toys, books, games, and sports equipment. 

This unit is made with rounded corners and edges, manufactured from 20mm MDF, and made with hard-wearing vinyl T-moulded trim. 

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