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Using our Website: A Guide

Whilst to some this may seem very obvious, this blog post will explain the layout of our new website and how simple the online ordering process can be.

Finding Your Product

Frequently when shopping online, you may not know the exact item you are looking to purchase. Instead you may simply know that you want a craft activity for a particular session but may be unsure what the ideal resource would be. That is where our handy browsing options come into play!

Product menuAlong the left hand side of the website, you will find a list of our main product categories. All of the products on the website have been categorised to make your shopping experience easier.

When clicking on the category you may find that it has a drop-down list of options which display further subcategories to narrow down your search. 

Occasion menuAlternatively you may be looking for craft for a particular festival or season in the year. This is where the 'Shop by Occasion' menu is useful a bit further down below the main product menu. 

The Search Function

Search pageThe search box is located in the top right hand corner of the page and can be accessed from anywhere on the site which provides a quick way of getting to the product you need.

You can search by keyword, product name or product ref code which can be found in the catalogue.

Entering a keyword in the search box will bring up a list of relevant products which you may be looking for. As you can see in this example we searched for 'binca' which returned several results.


The Product Page

Product pageOnce you click on a product from the search or browsing pages. You will be taken to the relevant product page. This contains all the details of a particular product such as the price, product description, image(s) and the product code. 

If you wish to add this product to your cart for purchase, simply select the quantity required and click 'Add to Cart' which will place the item in your shopping basket.




checkout pageOnce you have placed all items into your basket. Click on the 'Basket' at the top of the page, verify the quantities selected then click 'Check Out' which will direct you to our secure checkout page. 

Here you need to complete the customer information requested such as email address, full name, shipping and invoice addresses. The postage rate and taxes will then be added automatically and you are ready to pay for the order using a credit or debit card. 

Confirmation and Dispatch

Once you have completed the checkout process, you will receive an email confirmation of your order which lists the items ordered and the delivery address. You will receive a further confirmation email when your goods have been dispatched which will contain a courier tracking number.

We hope this quick guide has provided a useful insight into the ordering process on our website however if you have any further queries or suggestions please contact us.

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